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Track Coach.

Bought 5 of these, and have used them a couple of times. To this point they are far more aggressive than the ones we had previously used, but for what we are doing that is great. They are shorter than I expected but do stretch quite a ways and have a serious recoil that you should prepare for. Great for short burst overspeed training.

Exactly what I needed

Special Use for Harness

I purchased this harness for a special purpose. My 9 year old son has been battling absence seizures. We wanted him to be able to downhill snow ski and the Speedster harness made it possible! Combined with a retractable heavy duty lead I purchased elsewhere, my son found freedom from epilepsy restrictions and can ski with us behind him for the “just in case.” We love the low-profile and quality design of this harness and that it comes in a youth size. The cherry on top is that it says “Speedster”. Our son’s favorite super hero is the Flash (a speedster). Thank you for being part of our mini-miracle to overcome restrictions caused by absence seizures!

Perfect for Practice

My quarterback son loves these skill tools. Excellent products and service!


Speedsters are a great
Product, however they only seem to last about a year then snap internally. I have 5 that have done this now

Dual Man Overspeed Chaser

I purchased the Dual Man Overspeed Chaser as a fun, yet very effective speed training for my 10 year old son. The belts are well made and comfortable. The band is the perfect amount of resistance and very durable.

Speedster Basic Waist Belt™
Dunamis Athletics Training
Waist belts

Have purchased many of these over the yrs and they never have failed- HD Coach Dunamis Athletics

Pro Agility Waist Belt™
Richard Sherwood
Was not like the belt that was pictured. Waste of money

The belt that arrived was not the same one pictured (which i had Purchased before). The one i wanted (That was pictured) had small fixed D rings on the sides and back as well as the rings that slide around the belt. The belt i received Just had 2 sliding rings, which will not work for the purpose we purchased it; to use with our vertical leap training machine. Included a photo with the two belts next to each other. The top one is the original. The bottom is what we got this time. Very disappointed!

Works well

Great Product

Very happy with the product, does everything it should

Great dome cones

Good shape. However they are not made for stepping on.

Thank you so much for the review Camron. Yes these Hard cones are only for marking the field. We do offer a pliable set that are more designed for stepping on. All rubber cone markers that are good for stepping on will get rigid in time, we try to provide ones that last longer than others on the market.
You can find those here -

More duarable than usual!

Very good

This product is well constructed and does exactly as advertised. I love it!!!

Jackson, thank you so much for the review.

So far so good!

Purchased for my 15 yo boy who could use some speed for baseball. I went on line to learn about different workouts and have had my son follow a few. I have to admit the bungee does make those legs move FAST! So far I am feeling good about it. We have not benched marked but would be surprised if I saw no improvement.

I am so happy to hear from a parent who is using our Overspeed Trainer. It was initially designed for this very reason. Our owner had children in sports and designed this for his own sons to increase their speed. Both became star athletes because of the products we offer, so we always love to hear a parent getting involved with their child's success in whatever sport they play.
Thank you for the review.

Great training for legs!

The cross country athletes love it. It is tough but it works out the legs really well.

We are happy to hear it challengers your athletes, after all skill is built on challenge. If it were easy they wouldn't benefit.

Love it

As a High School Coach for over 40 years I totally endorse the Speedster Rocket Bungees.

Thank you so much Armando. We appreciate all of our customers, but love to hear from our long time customers, because they can really give insight on how long our products last and if they really work, so we really appreciate this review.

Shipped quickly. Need to use this more, but seems to be working as advertised

Snapped the first one right away. They don’t stretch 41”. I tied the other 2 together. This has worked so far.

Speedster Belts - Quality Product for Quality Training

Speedster Products (Belts, Bungees, and Tough Tows) allow our coaches and players to train at their highest levels with complete confidence in the tools we use.

Thank you for the review Coach G. We appreciate you leaving a review on both of the items you purchased.

Speedster Belts - Quality Product for Quality Training

Speedster Products (Belts, Bungees, and Tough Tows) allow our coaches and players to train at their highest levels with complete confidence in the tools we use.

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review Coach G.

Not enough resistive force to give the feeling of real strengthening or exercise.

Lance, we appreciate you taking the time to leave this review.
I do have to mention this band is more for warming up and working on your swing and less for building muscles.
We offer another product on this website that has the same long handle and will actually increase muscles- Please see the Batter Band-


Great quality. Timeliness. Appreciate the professionalism.

Thank you so much for the review Mark,
we are glad you are happy with our product, and super excited to have you as a new customer.

As advertised

I got a great deal for a set of 40 comes and they have worked for my needs very well. Some came slightly cracked but that was why they were discounted. The cracks take nothing away from their usefulness. The carrying handle makes it convenient to lug around when I do training away from my gym.

Thank you so much for the review Paul.
We ship you an unopened box each time and there can be cracks for sure. I am glad those cracks are not hindering your training though.

Hard Shell Dome Cones

This product is just what we needed for the drills. They're sturdy and easy to carry. The domes stay put with the stand and locking mechanism. I will be ordering another set.

Thank you for the video! We are always excited to see how our products are being used, and thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review.

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