Ultimate Batter's Band


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      Safe American Made Products for Athletes

      The Ultimate Batter's Band by Speedster trains a batter's muscle memory to consistently have the same swing through the strike zone. The extra-long, padded handle simulates a bat grip. 

      Quick Setup: Easily clips to any fence!

      Can also be used for several arm, shoulder, and torso warm ups.

      Speedster is the leader in bungee athletic training equipment. Every bungee, including the Ultimate Batter's Band, is covered with Safety Sleeve Technology. Our bungees are rated to last over 150,000 repetitions in independent lab tests and is proudly Made in the USA.


      • 1 - Ultimate Batter's Band

      The motion is not intended to be a full swing, but to train a batter's swing motion through the point of contact. (As pictured)

      American Made Resistance Bands with safety sleeve. For Training, fitness and exercise in sports
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