Quest for Athletic Training Equipment that Worked

Every Company has a starting place. Speedster is no different than all the other products you use on a daily basis, it was born from the need to solve a problem. 

Our CEO was a young man in 1990. He had already finished college and was starting his career, but there was something missing. See, he had played sports his entire life for youth organizations, then Middle School, High School and College but as a grown man, there are so few team or group sport opportunities so he became a coach to fill this void. 

As an Athlete turned Coach, he knew what he needed to improve his athletes, but nothing that fit his needs was available at the time, so he made it our first product. The Dual Use Harness allowed him to do both speed and overspeed training with 1 product. He made the harness adjustable, padded, sweat resistant, and versatile. After the design was perfect, he began adding it into his practice relays and eventually designed a resistance speed and overspeed training program that really worked. 

He really wanted to help ALL Athletes so he began going to facilities, organizations and school to assist other coaches in the quest for faster athletes. 

Once he began having children of his own, he took the professional products he had designed and made them easy to use for parents. Because he understand the importance of team sports in a Childs life, and the confidence a child has when they are a valued member of that team, he really wanted to establish in his children what he had experienced growing up. To do that, he worked with his children one-on-one to improve their performance in whatever sport they played. 

Over the years, he has designed products that did not exist for some sports, position specific training gear, Sports Specific Equipment, General Fitness Equipment and more.  

Not only did he focus on improving athletes performance, he has also been laser focused on Safety. Most resistance training products that come out are in some way dangerous for your athlete to use. Our products go above and beyond to assure your athlete will not get injured while using any Speedster Training Product. 

Sports and Sports Training Equipment is not a business venture for our CEO, it is a quest to make a difference in a Childs life, to keep American Manufacturing alive,  to provide parents with tools to help their children in many areas of their life, and give coaches training tools that work. 

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