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Speedster Training System
Speedster Training System from $240.00
RUN A FASTER 40 OR 60 YARD DASH! The SPEEDSTER® Training System™ is a 3 phase complete speed and quickness training program.  • Phase 1: HEAVY RESISTANCE• Phase 2: LIGHT RESISTANCE• Phase 3: OVERSPEED TRAININGHeavy Resistance Training develops explosive starts while Light Resistance Training increases an athlete’s acceleration speed. Overspeed Training develops overall top sprint speed by increasing the function of the fast-twitch muscle fiber. Overspeed training will develop a longer stride length as well as a faster leg turnover rate. The Speedster Training Program is color-coded for easy to follow drills. This package comes with a 30’ Lightning Cord for overspeed training that stretches up to 40 yards. It pulls the runner faster than their natural sprint speed.INCLUDES: The SPEEDSTER™  Dual Use Training Harness Torpedo Jet Sled 4 Weight Resistance Sand Bags (Sand not Included) 30ft Rocket Bungee with Safety SLeeve Technology™ Anchor Strap Colored Dome Markers: 2- Red, 2- Blue, 2- Yellow and 2- White Instruction Manual 4 Week SPEEDSTER Training Program *Some Products are Imported
Athletic trainer resistance bungee cords for coaches, organizations and trainers use these to increase speed in all sports great for speed and overspeed.
Speedster Rocket Bungees from $35.95
RUN FASTER Overspeed & Resistance Training with the Speedster Rocket Bungee will help you develop longer strides, faster overall speed and more power. Go with the training bungee that pro coaches and athletes trust to take them to the next level - the Speedster Rocket Bungee. Belts & Harnesses sold separately.Speedster Rocket Bungees are made in the USA and feature Safety Sleeve Technology for ultimate injury prevention. Every Rocket Bungee stretches 4x's its originally length, good luck finding that kind of stretch in another bungee. Medium Resistance Pricing 4ft: $21.95 8ft: $37.95 10ft: $46.95 15ft: $56.95 20ft: $77.95 30ft: $91.95 Heavy Resistance Pricing 4ft: $25.95 8ft: $44.95 10ft: $50.95 15ft: $66.95 20ft: $89.95 30ft: $114.95 Ultra Heavy Resistance Pricing 4ft: $27.95 8ft: $49.95 10ft: $60.95 15ft: $79.95 20ft: $97.95 30ft: $139.95  
Speedster Dual Use Harness
Speedster Dual Use Harness from $30.00
Safe American Made Products at Factory Direct Pricing The Speedster Dual Use Harness is fully padded and is designed to be used for both Resistance Sled Training and Overspeed Training with Lightning Cords. This Harness is adjustable to fit a variety size of athletes. The shoulder straps can even be crisscrossed to fit younger smaller athletes. It is made from high-quality webbing and is fully padded for comfort. This harness is made to last for several years of rigorous training. Bungee & Sled sold separately.


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Speedster has been providing athletes with Safe Professional Grade Training Equipment since 1990. We have designed athletic training equipment that can be used by coaches, parents and athletes that really work. Because we pay close attention to performance, safety and quality of every product, you can be assured you are getting the best speed, agility and sport specific training equipment you can buy in todays market.

We make our products here in South Alabama using custom designed high-quality materials and make them using our patented design to assure every product is safe, dependable, accurate, affordable and Made in the U.S.A.

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