Resistance band levels for Speedster and FitCord style covered resistance band exercise cords. 7 levels offered . 3lb, 7lb, 12lb, 18lb, 25lb, 40lb, 55lb. Ultra light, very light, light, medium, heavy, very heavy and ultra heavy offered.

Arm/Shoulder, Rehabilitation, and General Fitness bands come in 7 resistance levels. The color grid above indicates the resistance level on every resistance band that does not fall in the Athletic Bungee Category.  This includes X-Over, Perfect Therapy Bands, V-Band, Body Sculpting Band etc.

Yellow (Ultra Light) / Orange (Very Light) / Green (Light)

Red (Medium) / Blue (Heavy) / Black (Very Heavy) / Purple (Ultra Heavy)

Speed Training Bungee resistance band options. Based on Athletes age and ability, Most athletic equipment is based upon age, size and ability and it not an exact science. Speedster has broken this down into 3 levels. Youth, High School and College/Pro

Speedster Athletic Bungee Cords come in 3 Resistance  Levels. After years of designing and manufacturing Training Gear, we were able to narrow the needs down to these 3 levels. 

Youth- Medium Resistance 

High School- Heavy Resistance

Collegiate/Pro- Very Heavy Resistance 

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