Speedster Elite Training System™
from $240.00
RUN A FASTER 40 OR 60-YARD DASH! The SPEEDSTER® Training System™ is a 3-phase complete speed and quickness training program.  • Phase 1: HEAVY RESISTANCE• Phase 2: LIGHT RESISTANCE• Phase 3: OVERSPEED TRAININGHeavy Resistance Training develops explosive starts while Light Resistance Training increases an athlete’s acceleration speed. Overspeed Training develops overall top sprint speed by increasing the function of the fast-twitch muscle fiber. Overspeed training will develop a longer stride length as well as a faster leg turnover rate. The Speedster Training Program is color-coded for easy-to-follow drills. This package comes with a 30’ Lightning Cord for Overspeed training that stretches up to 40 yards. It pulls the runner faster than their natural sprint speed.INCLUDES: The SPEEDSTER™  Dual Use Training Harness Torpedo Jet Sled 4 Weight Resistance Sand Bags (Sand not Included) 30ft Rocket Bungee with Safety SLeeve Technology™ Anchor Strap Colored Dome Markers (Imported) 2- Red, 2- Blue, 2- Yellow and 2- White Instruction Manual 4 Week SPEEDSTER Training Program *Some Products are Imported
Speedster Rocket Bungees™ Cord ONLY
from $38.50
American-Made Athletic Training Bungee Cord- Covered for Safety and to Extend the Life of the Cord PERFORM BETTER, RUN FASTER AND INCREASE AGILITY Overspeed & Resistance Training with the Speedster Rocket Bungee, our American Made Athletic Training Cord will help you develop longer strides, faster overall speed, and more power. Go with the training bungee that pro coaches and athletes trust to take them to the next level - the Speedster Rocket Bungee. Belts & Harnesses are sold separately.Speedster Rocket Bungees are made in the USA and feature Safety Sleeve Technology for ultimate injury prevention. Every Rocket Bungee stretches 4x's its original length, good luck finding that kind of stretch in another bungee. Best Speed Training and Speed Workout Resistance Bands Medium Resistance Pricing 4ft: $21.95 8ft: $37.95 10ft: $46.95 15ft: $56.95 20ft: $77.95 30ft: $91.95 Heavy Resistance Pricing 4ft: $25.95 8ft: $44.95 10ft: $50.95 15ft: $66.95 20ft: $89.95 30ft: $114.95 Ultra Heavy Resistance Pricing 4ft: $27.95 8ft: $49.95 10ft: $60.95 15ft: $79.95 20ft: $97.95 30ft: $139.95  
Speedster Dual Use Harness™
from $32.50
Durable Padded Sport Training Harness with BOTH front and back Attachments for Athletic Training The Speedster Dual Use Harness is fully padded and is designed to be used for both Resistance Sled Training and Overspeed Training with Lightning Cords. This Harness is adjustable to fit a variety size of athletes. The shoulder straps can even be crisscrossed to fit younger smaller athletes. It is made from high-quality webbing and is fully padded for comfort. This harness is made to last for several years of rigorous training. Bungee & Sled sold separately.
Pro Agility Speed Trainer™
from $94.50
Take your agility training to the next level with this American Made Product The Pro Agility Speed Trainer is designed to enhance your jump, sprint, shuffle, and agility training. Resistance training allows you to develop specific muscle groups that are specific to your position. The included Anchor Belt can either be worn by a partner or used as an anchor with stationary objects for solo training. The Pro Agility Speed Trainer is perfect for fielding exercises in football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and more! INCLUDES: - Pro Agility Belt Adjust from a 28" waist to a 52" waist Padded so you can train harder and longer Moisture Resistant material resist sweat and body odor - Anchor Belt Designed to be worn or used as an anchor with stationary objects Large ring makes attaching bungee quick and easy - Speedster 8-ft Rocket Bungee Stretches up to 28ft! Covered with Safety Sleeve Technology that prolongs the life of the bungee and protects athletes if the bungee breaks during use Independently lab-tested and rated to last over 150,000 repetitions Available in 3 resistance levels: Youth/High School, Collegiate, Pro - 8 Field Marker Cones & Carry Bag   ADVANTAGES OVER THE SIMILAR PRODUCTS Resistance Band stretches 8ft further Pro Agility Belt is foam-padded with a closed-cell foam, covered in a moisture resistant fabric to keep sweat from absorbing into the padding for a better smelling product. Upgradeable Resistance Band MADE IN THE USA *Dome Cones are Imported
X-Over Resistance Bands™
from $34.50
Arm and Shoulder Resistance Bands for Strength Training, Rehabilitation, and Athletic Arm Care WHY YOU NEED X-OVER BANDS To Strengthen Your Shoulder and Scapular Muscles Increase Shoulder Stability Develop Powerful Arm Strength Improve Endurance Perform at a Higher Level   Did we mention “PRICE”, PLUS American Made in the USA…   X-OVER RESISTANCE BANDS X-Over Resistance Bands are made in America and great for developing shoulder strength for any type of throwing motion associated with Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, Golf and other activities requiring shoulder stability. You will be able to perform all internal and external rotator cuff exercises often used to strengthen shoulder and back stability needed to increase arm velocity or to prevent injury often associated with rigorous Fitness Programs.   HOW DOES IT WORK? Each X-Over Band can be used as a single band like our FitCord or they can be crossed over to form an X, as in the name. Due to the universal length, these can also be used for an unlimited number of exercises. Fantastic for all fitness programs, physical therapy and injury rehab applications.   WE HAVE THE LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE! Covered Safety Sleeve Tubing for the price of regular naked tubing. Highest quality premium rubber completely covered with a durable and protective soft fabric sleeve made to stand up to the rigorous demands of professional and residential use. Our company owner has been manufacturing Resistance Bands in multiple configurations for fitness and sports training for over 27 years.   INDEPENDENT LABORATORY TESTED Our bands were tested by an Independent Laboratory and found to last beyond 150,000 repetitions before breaking. That's 15 X's longer than other competitors tested bands.
Speedster Sky Leaper™
from $46.95
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick Vertical Jump Training System for All Athletes If you need to jump higher for Basketball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Lacrosse, or even Baseball & Football we have the perfect product for you. You can use this jump training system inside or outside. The system comes with anchors that will allow you to attach to rack systems, barbells, floor anchors, benches, chairs, or anything that has sufficient weight. There are too many to list.  Comes with an adjustable padded belt, resistance bands, and 2 anchors (one for each band).    INCLUDES: 1 - Sky Leaper Adjustable Waist Belt 2 - Rocket Bungees with Safety Sleeve Technology™ 2 - Anchor Straps The Speedster Sky Leaper trains the lower body to develop explosiveness and strength, which creates a higher vertical jump and faster explosion off the ground. By doing repeated quick jumps the muscles are trained to react the same way in a game situation. The Sky Leaper is a very economical way to develop higher explosive increases in an athlete's vertical jump. If you or your team needs to increase their jump height, this trainer helps you not only jump higher but build stronger legs as you build height to assist in other skills such as agility and running.  Great for At Home Jump Training.
Speedster Fast Feet™
from $55.95
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick Resistance Belt and Band System Focused on Form, Agility, and Reaction Speed. Jump, Agility, and Strength Training for Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Baseball, and Softball. If you want to increase your vertical jump while playing to assure the best results, this resistance band system with a padded belt and cuffs will give you results fast and work the muscles you need to strengthen as you play.  INCLUDES: 1 - Fast Feet Waist Belt 2 - Adjustable Rocket Bungees with Anti-Snap Safety Sleeve Technology™ 2 - Ankle Cuff The Speedster Fast Feet is great for either running or jumping exercises. The Lightning Power Cords have two functions, resistance and assistance as the athlete perform the exercise. Effective for several different sports, such as keeping your low defensive stance in Basketball, keeping your body in a power position while playing Tennis, and developing spring explosiveness for Volleyball.Develops: Increases Running and Jumping Ability Overspeed Agility Proper Body Position Quickness  
Speedster Power Rack System™
from $268.50
Turn Your Weight Room Into a Full Training Area using ONLY your Power/Squat Racks The Power Rack System quickly attaches to any Power Rack allowing up to 5 athletes to train at the same time per rack. The Power Rack System has been carefully designed to target areas that are essential in training championship-level athletes. Every resistance band features Safety Sleeve Technology for superior protection against broken bands and has been independently tested to last over 150,000 reps. Made in the USA. Rack not included.INCLUDES: 1 - Chest Press (upper-body strength) 2 - Change of Direction (lateral agility) 1 - Sky Leaper (vertical jump) 1 - Power Leg Enforcer (leg strength) Includes Anchor Straps
Speedster Hand Towel™ (Tuck in Design)
Tuck In Style Towel for Athletes- No Belt Required Secure inside-the-pant design No velcro to snag pants High absorbent - Quick-drying fabric Pleated back for a larger hand drying surface Designed specifically for Tunnel Style Athletic Pants to stay tucked in better   The SPEEDSTER Hand Towel was designed by a former athlete who understands the need for keeping the hands dry. The cotton fabric allows the hand to be dried quickly and the pleated back opens for a larger surface. Another great feature is most towels on the market have Velcro which is useless if your team's pants do not have an exposed belt to wrap it around. SPEEDSTER a name you can trust.
Speedster Dual Use Harness™ 6 Pack
from $171.50 $210.00
Set of 6 Professional Padded Athletic Training Harnesses, with a Factory Direct Bundle Discount The Speedster Dual Use Harness is fully padded and is designed to be used for both Resistance Sled Training and Overspeed Training with Lightning Cords. This Harness is adjustable to fit a variety size of athletes. The shoulder straps can even be crisscrossed to fit younger smaller athletes. It is made from high-quality webbing and is fully padded for comfort. This harness is made to last for several years of rigorous training. Bungee & Sled sold separately.    
Speedster Basic X-Harness™
Great Versatile Basic X Harness for girls, boys, men, and women Athletic Training American Made Simple X Style Harness made with high-quality webbing and heavy-duty D-ring. Washable (air dry only) to avoid cross-athlete contamination and unpleasant odors.  American Made Sweat Resistant Material Custom Weaved STRONG Webbing Heavy-Duty D Ring for Secure Attachment Compatible with Speedster Rocket Bungee

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