Speedster Dual Man Overspeed Chaser


Athletic Trainers use this product at home, so can you. Your son or daughter could be training at home with mom or dad safety. Speed, Agility and Jump Training Gear for home. Athletic Trainers Top Pick


  • 1 - 15ft Rocket Bungee with Safety Sleeve Technology™
  • 2 - Waist Belts (Basic or Padded)

Great for Team Sprint Workouts!

Two players work together. The lead player sprints stretching the Lightning Cord™ creating resistance. As the lead player gets about 15 yards ahead, the trailing player goes from a slow jog to a full sprint toward the lead player. The stretched cord pulls the trailing player faster than their normal sprint speed. The Overspeed Training increases stride length and a faster rate of motion. The 15' Lightning Cord™ incorporates Safety Sleeve Technology and stretches up to 60'. Made in the USA.

- Acceleration
- Longer Stride Length
- Fast Twitch Muscle Memory

American Made Resistance Bands with safety sleeve. For Training, fitness and exercise in sports

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