Lateral Stepper™
from $26.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick The Padded Ankle Cuffs are connected by a short 8” Latex Lightning Cord. When you step in a direction the cord stretches forcing the trail foot to follow. Using the Lateral Stepper helps strengthen the inner and outer thigh area. Used during football line blocking drills, QB drills, baseball hitting drills and any other type of agility training. The Lateral Stepper allows the player to keep a proper base, by allowing them to feel the resistance. It is great for lateral walks, shuffles, kicks, slides and Agility Ladder work. New Color Code- Bungee portion color listed below Youth- Blue High School- Gray College/Pro- Red   DEVELOPS: Lateral Speed Agility Coordination Balance Quickness Proper Stance   INCLUDES: 2 Adjustable Padded Ankle Cuffs with Velcro Straps connected by an 8in. Lightning Cord Bungee. It doesn't matter if you are doing football training, soccer training, baseball training, softball training or Rugby Training, this product is going to give you results faster than any other on the market.    Available in 3 different resistance levels: Medium, Heavy, Ultra Heavy
Power Kicker™
from $45.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick Add Distance to your Kicks! The Power Kicker is a very effective tool for developing kicking velocity and power. The Power Kicker is available in 6 different resistance levels making it a great tool to use in rehabilitation. The Power Kicker has a slightly larger Ankle Cuff than the Power Pitcher. Number 1 Products for Soccer Athletes and Coaches. Parents can work with their child to increase the power and form of their kick. Use this system in your backyard, park, or on the local Soccer field. Work with your athlete at home to increase their skills, confidence, and position in the team.    DEVELOPS: Super Kicking Power! Great for Rehabilitation   INCLUDES: Adjustable Ankle Cuff 4ft Lightning Cord Bungee with Safety Sleeve Technology™ Anchor Strap
Speedster Power Drive Enforcer™
from $69.00
Resistance Training System to Strengthen Muscles that Athletes use to Run. Improve Athletes Speed, Endurance, and Running Form Train specific running motions with the Power Drive Enforcer. Multiple ring positions on the ankle cuffs allow you to isolate and develop a variety of lower body muscles with resistance from the Lightning Cord. Different exercises can be done by either having a partner hold the anchor strap or attach the anchor strap to a stationary object and workout by yourself. Made in the USA. Develops:- Lower Body Muscles- High Knee Drive- Resistance Training

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