On Ice Speed Bungee System

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  • 2 - Padded Belts
  • 1 - 15ft Rocket Bungee with Safety Sleeve Technology (Max Stretch: 60ft)
  • 1 - Tow Holding Straps




Both athletes wear a Speedster Waist Belt with a Lightning Cord Bungee between them. The lead athlete has the bungee attached to the backside of his belt while the trailing athlete has the bungee attached to the front of his belt. The trailing athlete also has the option of attaching the Holding Strap to the backside of his belt for a third athlete to create resistance. As the lead athlete skates ahead, the bungee provides resistance between them. When the lead athlete has started slowing down, the third athlete releases the trailing athlete, immediately creating a tremendous amount of speed (overspeed). With proper technique, this system will not only lengthen stride but will also create a faster leg repetition between each stride.


Using the Speedster Waist Belt and Holding Strap, have partners create resistance by either snow plowing or sitting on the ice while holding the Holding Strap as the skater skates around the rink.


Place the D-Ring, located on the Speedster Waist Belt, over the hips and attach the Holding Strap to the belt. Have a partner hold the other end of the leash. With resistance, lean away from your partner, getting on your skate edge. Continue to do this across the ice, changing sides for the return trip.

The resistance training, in combination with the overspeed training, develops a player that can skate with a tremendous amount of power and speed. These drills can also be used with inline skates, however, a great amount of caution should be demonstrated.