Fast Feet™ Replacement Bands Set
from $32.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick Fast Feet Replacement Bands are designed to be used with the Speedster Fast Feet System (sold separately) and are not designed to be used as a stand-alone product. FEATURES: Safety Sleeve Technology™ Longer Life - The protective sleeve extends the life of the bungee by protecting it from abuse, over-stretching, and harmful UV Rays. Safer Training - Keeps athletes safe by keeping the bungee contained in the sleeve if it were to break during use. Latex Allery Safe - The latex tubing is completely covered so you never come into direct contact. Available in 3 Resistance Levels Medium - Youth Heavy - High School/College Ultra Heavy - College/Pro Made in the USA Speedster products are proudly made in the USA. Thank you for supporting American workers.   INCLUDES: 2 - Fast Feet Bungees with Safety Sleeve Technology   Fast Feet Belt & Ankle Cuffs sold separately. ™  

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