Ultimate Lineman™
from $225.00
Football Offensive Lineman Resistance Training Harness that focuses on Form, Strength, Speed, and Agility The Best Offensive Line Harness System ever designed to develop proper body position for those running spread defense. DEVELOPS OFFENSIVE LINEMEN IN 4 AREAS: 1. Squat Position Squat position is developed by two adjustable resistance bands connecting the waist and the heels not allowing the athlete to rise up in his stance. 2. Base Position Base is developed by a resistance band connecting the ankles developing foot quickness. 3. Jam Technique Jam technique is developed by 2 resistance bands connecting the waist belt of the harness to wrist cuffs with thumb supports.  4. Upper Body Position Proper upward body position is developed by attaching a 6' resistance band to either the from or back of the athlete forcing him to not bend at the waist. Heavy Resistance: Athletes 175-275 lbs Ultra Heavy Resistance: Athletes 275-375 lbs
Power Jammer™
from $65.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick The Power Jammer is a training device that develops explosive jamming motion by developing the shoulders and the triceps. It can be used for multiple sports and position-specific movements. The adjustment strap that attaches to the belt and the band allows each user to either lengthen or shorten the range of motion depending on the user's arm length and to increase or decrease the amount of resistance. Training Program Suggestions: Depending on the sport or position training the athlete should perform 5 sets of 10 rapid reputations at least 3 days per week. Can be used to increase for many sports: Basketball: Ball passing speed, increase shot range by using the shooting extension arm wrist cuff. Football: Offensive Lineman Jamming Technique, DB press coverage jam speed and strength, and LB arm extension technique. Any other sport where explosive hands skills are important.   DEVELOPS: Offensive Lineman in Pass Block Sets Defensive Backs in Man-to-Man off. line jam techniques Great for linebackers  
QB Drop Trainer™
from $82.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick The Ultimate Quarterback Training System to Decrease Fumbles and Increase Agility, Form and Accuracy INCLUDES FREE QB TOWEL! Drop deeper quicker with the Speedster QB Drop Trainer!!! The QB Drop Trainer develops a Quarterback's drop speed and efficiency by creating faster and quicker feet and a longer drop stride creating more time to start his reads. The workout is done in two phases: 1st Phase RESISTANCE:  The QB will drop away from the Rocket Bungee anchor point stretching the bungee creating resistance. This develops the QB's leg push strength. 2nd Phase OVERSPEED: The QB stretches the Rocket Bungee where there is resistance pulling the QB as he does his drops between the colored cones.   The QB Drop Trainer comes with: 1 - Adjustable Padded Waist Belt 1 - 8' Rocket Bungee 1 - Large Anchor Strap 8 - Colored Cones 1 - FREE QB Towel    The Padded Waist Belt will rotate 360 degrees around the athlete's torso as the QB rotates his body. The 8' Rocket Bungee stretches out to 32' of max stretched length. The Large Anchor can be held by a coach or partner and can also be attached to a fence or post. The QB Drop Trainer can also be used for Sprint Out Pass Action, Sprint Option Action or QB Draw Action   Rocket Bungee's are available in 3 levels of resistance:  Youth (Medium), High School (Heavy) or Collegiate/Pro (Ultra Heavy)
Wrist-A Cuffs™
from $20.00
Eliminate Holding Penalties using this Unique set of cuffs that Train Your Offensive Linemen Proper Hand Placement to Avoid Shoulder Contact  Introducing the Speedster Wrist-A Cuffs – eliminate unnecessary holding penalties! The quick, easy way to teach Offensive Linemen to keep their hands inside their opponents' shoulders, striking the breast plate instead of the shoulders. Made in both youth & adult size, the Speedster Wrist-A Cuffs are fast and easy to take on and off. Two inner locking shock cords allow for proper hand positioning while blocking. Made of double shielded material for long lasting use. Made in America and used by major college programs!

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