X-Over Arm Care Facility Pack

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      Safe American Made Products at Factory Direct Pricing

      X-Over Arm and Shoulder Resistance Bands for Baseball and all Athletes- Compare to Crossover Symmetry

      The X-OVER FACILITY PACK allows you to setup multiple workout stations for group exercise, while providing multiple X-OVER BAND resistance levels to accommodate every athlete in your facility. A combination of X-OVER Bands can be used for muscle development or rehabilitation.


      The X-OVER Systems are able to be used as stand-alone workout systems either at home on the field or in the weight room. The X-OVER Bands can be used with multiple programs concentrating on the development of the shoulder, arm and scapular areas of the upper body. Made with hard plastic handles.

      The FACILTIY Pack Equipment Contents:

      • X-OVER Bands
      • Anchor Straps
      • Band Holding Ring and Clip


      Our systems include a variety of X-OVER Bands that offer different resistances, 3lbs, 7lbs, 12lbs, 18lbs, 25lbs, 40lbs, and 60lbs. The level of resistance depends on each individual’s level of strength. Each System has pre-selected resistance levels which would commonly be used by the strength level of the individual.

      Arm and Shoulder Care Resistance Bands Levels for Speedster and FitCord

      The FACILITY Pack: Setup for 6 Stations

      • 6 Pair of 3 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 6 Pair of 7 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 6 Pair of 12lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 6 Pair of 18 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 6 Pair of 25 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 6 Pair of 40 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 6 Pair of 60 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 24 Power Rack Anchors
      • 12 Band Holding Ring and Clip
      American Made Resistance Bands with safety sleeve. For Training, fitness and exercise in sports
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