Varsity V-Band Shoulder and Arm Warm Up Band with Cuffs for Pitchers (3lb-55lb)


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  • Perfect for pre-game & post-game stretches.
  • Designed with Anti-Snap Safety Sleeve Technology™ for superior safety.
  • Rated to last over 150,000 repetitions in independent lab tests.
  • Made in the USA with pro-grade materials.



The Story:

You have spent your entire life working to succeed in the sport you love to have it all come to a sudden end while you were putting in another day of sweat to see your dream come true. Looking for ways to increase your throwing velocity you come across a program that will do just that. The system comes with a proven program but a risky “Naked” Resistance Band to do the work. You’ve seen improvement and suddenly one day the unexpected happens. The rubber resistance band breaks and comes screaming back at you, no time to react, suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your eye. The unimaginable has happened and your dreams are dashed all in an instant.

This is a true story and it has happened more than once. Why risk your future on a resistance band that when exposed to UV rays immediately starts to deteriorate and weakens or is exposed to an environment that might allow the rubber band to be nicked, creating a weak point in the band.


The Varsity Band or V-Band by FitCord. The V- Band Safety Sleeve Technology has been around since the mid 90’s and solves the problem of being hit by a broken rubber tube by keeping the rubber tube encased within the safety sleeve when the rubber tube breaks. These Made in USA bands are the best way to ensure the above story never becomes your story.

V-Bands can be used with several Throwing and Arm Care Programs such as Crossover Symmetry, Jaeger Sports and other programs for Baseball, Softball, and even Cross Fit. We don’t write the programs or claim to be experts in Arm Care we just provide safer longer-lasting American Made Resistance Bands to you.

The V-Bands come in 7 different resistance levels so multiple exercises can be performed no matter what Arm Care Program you choose.

3lbs - Yellow – Ultra Light

7lbs - Orange – Very Light

12lbs - Green – Light

18lbs - Red – Medium

25lbs - Blue – Heavy

40lbs - Black – Very Heavy

55lbs - Purple – Ultra Heavy

American Made Resistance Bands with safety sleeve. For Training, fitness and exercise in sports

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