The Morris Boot - 10 Pack

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A product every school, clinic and youth program needs to have on hand for those unexpected emergencies.

The “Boot” provides a superior enclosure for ice and eliminates the mess associated with icing while enabling portability and mobility. Because of these characteristics, The Morris Boot® can be used in most any setting; be it the athletic training room, the team bus, a work desk or simply sitting on the couch. It is re-usable, compact, self-administered and great for home use. It can act as a cover for shoes and equipment; and hold light-weight items in its pockets. No more connections to hoses or wires; and no more tying up training room staff and space. The “Boot” is useful for all walks of life, and is especially designed for athletes.

The Morris Boot® (U.S. Patent No. 7,704,273).


10 Boots