Pro-G Golf Resistance Band


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      Improve your golf game by warming up before hitting the course. With the Pro G-Band, you can target the muscles that give you total control and powerful swinging motions. The 9-inch handle features foam for comfort and plenty of room for two hands. The Pro G-Band includes a Velcro Anchor Strap that securely wraps around any golf cart or pole for on-the-go warm-ups and training.

      Just like all FitCord Resistance Bands, The Pro G-Band features Safety Sleeve Technology that helps prevent injury if the resistance band breaks during use. Safety Sleeve Technology also prolongs the life of the resistance band by protecting it from nicks, cuts, and UV Rays.

      Available Male or Female- the Pro G-Band is an effective tool for any golfer, from pro to beginner, that wants to improve their speed, control, and distance.

      American Made Resistance Bands with safety sleeve. For Training, fitness and exercise in sports
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