FitCord Mini Home Gym - 3 Pack & Ultimate Door Anchor

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      Need more energy? Skip the coffee. Using resistance bands every day helps you get your body moving and blood flowing without the use of heavy weights that take up space. This system is the perfect home gym setup. Using it for as little as 10 minutes a day will not only give your body an amazing workout but also give you lasting energy that won't crash a few hours later (looking at you energy drinks!).

      • Made in the USA
      • 4ft resistance band with a max stretch of 16ft
      • Features Safety Sleeve Technology™
      • 11 Anchor Points!
      • Provides a full-body workout
      • Free Workout Manual Included


      • 7-lbs Very Light FitCord Resistance Band, Orange
      • 12-lbs Light FitCord Resistance Band, Green
      • 18-lbs Medium FitCord Resistance Band, Red
      • Ultimate Door Anchor
      • FREE Workout Manual


      We've all heard the horror stories of resistance bands breaking and causing serious injuries. Safety Sleeve Technology prevents that from happening. If the band breaks, it stays inside the protective sleeve which keeps your safe!


      FitCord Resistance Bands have been rated in independent lab tests to last over 150,000 repetitions! Our bands last longer than our competition for two reasons: premium materials & Safety Sleeve Technology that protects the band from daily abuse and harmful UV rays.

      The Ultimate Door Anchor by FitCord is just that “Ultimate”

      The Ultimate Door Anchor give you multiple anchor points for use with our FitCord and X-Over Resistance Bands. Each strap gives you the option to attach their band High, Low or in the Middle. Many people use the Ultimate Door Anchor for using for programs such as P90X and Crossover Symmetry.

      Whatever exercise you are doing you can be certain the Ultimate Door Anchor is a must. Made to wrap around any solid door. It’s design helps distributes the pressure over a larger surface area.

      Made with 2” wide webbing and large welded D-Rings along with high-quality 2” wide securing slips assures the user that safety was in mind when we designed the Ultimate Door Anchor.

      Easy to install and can be left on the interior door. If being used outside it is recommended that the Ultimate Door Anchor be removed and taken inside to avoid wear from weather, sun and UV ray exposure which will shorten the life of the product.

      Prior to using, be certain Ultimate Door Anchor is securely installed. Not recommended to support full body weight. Using with other equipment such as body suspension products voids the products lifetime warranty and is not recommended. Worldwide Fitness Products, LLC assumes no liability for using with equipment other than resistance bands


      When you buy a FitCord Resistance Band, you are supporting American workers who pride themselves in manufacturing the highest quality training resistance band made in the USA.

      The Ultimate Door Anchor fits doors between 30" – 36".

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