6 Pack Speedster Dual Use Harnesses™ w/Towlines


6 Pack Speedster Dual Use Harnesses™ w/Towlines


The Ultimate Padded Training Harness with Durable Towlines

Speedster Dual Use Harnesses are fully padded and designed to be used for both Resistance Sled Training and Overspeed Training with our Rocket Bungee Cords.

This pack is designed for coaches, trainers, organizations, and schools that train many athletes at one time. We offer a bulk discount on many items to increase your purchasing power and make your budget stretch further while getting top-of-the-line products. This is our top-selling bulk order item.

Dual Use Harnesses are adjustable to fit a variety size of athletes. The shoulder straps can even be crisscrossed to fit younger smaller athletes. Each harness is made from high-quality webbing and is fully padded for comfort. Speedster Dual Use Harnesses are made to last for several years of rigorous training. 

Made with material that is sweat resistant. Washable (drip-dry only), and made to last without the funk. 


  • 6 - Speedster Dual Use Harnesses
  • 6 - 2 Y-Towlines

Bungee & Sled sold separately.

Speed and Agility Training Equipment made in the usa

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