$50 to $99  After Discount
Get a FREE 12" Tension Band for FootWork 
Value: $7.95


$100 to $124 After Discount
Get a FREE 41" Pullup Band for Stretching
Value: $10.95

yellow 41 inch loop.jpg__PID:fa5f847e-7f44-452d-a37b-8d1cda35c6aa

$125 to $149 After Discount
Get a FREE 12" Tension Training Band 3 Pack 
Value $19.95

Speedster 12 in pull up band set.jpg__PID:0a29d029-fe0f-4d2a-aca3-6e09c87b557e

$150 to $199 After Discount
Get a FREE 41" Pull Up Assist Loop 3 Pack 
Value: $29.95


$200 to $299 After Discount
Get a FREE 41" Pull Up Assist Loop 3 Pack
Value: $34.95

41-inch-Loops-3-pack-heavy (2022_02_25 21_02_14 UTC).jpg__PID:2df49013-7f7f-42d5-9a86-a3267c058e3c

$300 + After Discount
Get a FREE 41" Pull Up Assist Loop 4 Pack 
Value: $48.95


All Orders over $50 will Automatically be entered into a drawing for $300 of FREE Product. 

Drawing to be held on December 30,2023.

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