Basic Waist Belts™ - 2 Pack


Basic Waist Belts™ - 2 Pack


Athletic Trainers use this product at home, so can you. Your son or daughter could be training at home with mom or dad safety. Speed, Agility and Jump Training Gear for home. Athletic Trainers Top Pick

We call this our "Basic Belt" but don't let the name fool you. There are so many different ways to use this belt, we can even list them. With the Sweat-resistant sturdy webbing, it is made with, an adjustable clip to fit any athlete, and with the floating ring, you can use this 1 product on any athlete, in any sport for just about any training drill. 

This is a set of 2 belts with bundle discount.

The Basic Waist Belt is a very economical Waist Belt for use in several types of training. It is made from 2” wide flexible but strong webbing. The belt is adjusted by adjusting the webbing through a double D-Ring. The double D- Ring offers a much safer connection method than other competitors’ belts that use a large plastic snap which can come un-lodged if a sudden jerking action is made against the belt.

Can be used in just about any On-Field, On-Ice, or Inside Facility Training Exercise. 

Washable- You can wash this belt in cold water to avoid cross-contamination and that terrible old sweat smell. (drip-dry only).

Bungee is sold separately.

Speed and Agility Training Equipment made in the usa

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