Power Jammer™



Jr High/High School Collegiate

Power Jammer™



Jr High/High School Collegiate

Athletic Trainers use this product at home, so can you. Your son or daughter could be training at home with mom or dad safety. Speed, Agility and Jump Training Gear for home. Athletic Trainers Top Pick

The Power Jammer is a training device that develops explosive jamming motion by developing the shoulders and the triceps. It can be used for multiple sports and position-specific movements. The adjustment strap that attaches to the belt and the band allows each user to either lengthen or shorten the range of motion depending on the user's arm length and to increase or decrease the amount of resistance.

Training Program Suggestions:
Depending on the sport or position training the athlete should perform 5 sets of 10 rapid reputations at least 3 days per week.

Can be used to increase for many sports:

Basketball: Ball passing speed, increase shot range by using the shooting extension arm wrist cuff.

Football: Offensive Lineman Jamming Technique, DB press coverage jam speed and strength, and LB arm extension technique.

Any other sport where explosive hands skills are important.



  • Offensive Lineman in Pass Block Sets
  • Defensive Backs in Man-to-Man off. line jam techniques
  • Great for linebackers


American Made Resistance Bands with safety sleeve. For Training, fitness and exercise in sports
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