VTX Slam Balls

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VTX slam balls are built to absorb the energy of a slam, have no bounce and be ready for more.

With the ball’s center being filled with sand it will shift when doing slams and throwing exercises or during hand-offs for a core stabilizing workout.

Built to withstand the demand of High School and College strength programs.

Unmatched Quality.

By Troy Barbell - Strength Redefined.


10lb - $32.00 #GSMB-010

15lb - $37.00 #GSMB-015

20lb - $42.00 #GSMB-020

25lb - $49.00 #GSMB-025

30lb - $58.00 #GSMB-030

35lb - $65.00 #GSMB-035

40lb - $71.00 #GSMB-040

50lb - $82.00 #GSMB-050