Se-CURE-It "No More Turnovers" Training Harness

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Have you ever lost the ball at a crucial time in the game? Is there one fumble or turnover you wish you could have back? The answer is the Se-CURE-It "No More Fumbles" Training Harness.

Se-CURE-It applies resistance through the ball, forcing you to focus on ball security during drills and training you already use. Se-CURE-It allows you to train the way you play the game...with the ball in your hands.

Setup is easy! Insert a deflated ball into the Se-CURE-It Harness and then re-inflate the ball. Now your football is a training tool that can be used with bungees, chutes, sleds, cable columns, and more!


  • 1 - Se-CURE-It Training Harness

*Bungees, cones, and football not included.