Pair of 45lb VTX Bumber Plates - Black

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LIMITED SUPPLY! GOOD UNTIL THEY ARE GONE. Includes a great warranty!

The VTX Solid Rubber Bumper Plates with a steel insert is of high quality engineered to demanding standards. This product routinely outperforms other, more expensive models of like kind making it a #1 choice of gyms and institutions. This product is so good that it carries a 1-year warranty against breakage.

Available in Independent Plates:

Size Product Code Price
10 lb VTXBP-1000 $38.95 ea
25 lb VTXBP-2500 $52.95 ea
35 lb VTXBP-3500 $72.95 ea
45 lb VTXBP-4500 $92.95 ea