Agility Package - 6-6" Hurdles, 28' Ladder, & 40 Cones


Agility Package - 6-6" Hurdles, 28' Ladder, & 40 Cones


Athletic Trainers use this product at home, so can you. Your son or daughter could be training at home with mom or dad safety. Speed, Agility and Jump Training Gear for home. Athletic Trainers Top Pick



  • 6-inch Hurdles (Set of 6)
    • The Speedster Agility Speed Hurdles are manufactured from a thick high impact PVC material. Speed Hurdles are used by both fitness trainers as well as athletic trainers. They are Great for developing both high knees as well as increasing foot quickness. Easy to set up and can be used indoors or outdoors on virtually any surface.
  • 28ft Agility Ladder
    • The Quick Foot Ladder lies flat on the ground. Perfect for explosive drills that maximize agility & coordination.

  • 40 Dome Field Markers (10 Red, 10 Yellow, 10 Blue, 10 White)
    • Speedster High Dome Field Markers are constructed of a strong pliable PVC, thicker than most other Field Markers on the market. Use outdoors or indoors on any surface. These Markers are great for designing unlimited training patterns for agility training drills training athletes as well as on-field game situation training.

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