Hockey training gear with belts, bungee, tow line . Resistance training for hockey players to improve the speed and agility on ice while skating. improve your hockey game in just a few weeks. Increase your slapshot and ability to move around on the ice by adding to your ice training sessions. covered safe bungee resistance system for hockey training from youth to professional, including college and city leagues. Our speed and agility on ice hockey systems come in medium heavy and very heavy resistance. Safe, long lasting ice and cold safe training system for hockey. youth hockey training resistance bands for agility and speed training on ice and skates On ice hockey training gear to improve on ice speed and agility Hockey training equipment for coaches, teams, parents of youth players and high school players. Improve on ice speed and agility
On Ice Speed Bungee System from $94.95
Safe American Made Products at Factory Direct Pricing INCLUDES: 2 - Padded Belts 1 - 15ft Rocket Bungee with Safety Sleeve Technology (Max Stretch: 60ft) 1 - Tow Holding Straps   HOW DOES IT WORK? POWER AND SPEED TRAINING: Both athletes wear a Speedster Waist Belt with a Lightning Cord Bungee between them. The lead athlete has the bungee attached to the backside of his belt while the trailing athlete has the bungee attached to the front of his belt. The trailing athlete also has the option of attaching the Holding Strap to the backside of his belt for a third athlete to create resistance. As the lead athlete skates ahead, the bungee provides resistance between them. When the lead athlete has started slowing down, the third athlete releases the trailing athlete, immediately creating a tremendous amount of speed (overspeed). With proper technique, this system will not only lengthen stride but will also create a faster leg repetition between each stride. SUPER POWER TOWING: Using the Speedster Waist Belt and Holding Strap, have partners create resistance by either snow plowing or sitting on the ice while holding the Holding Strap as the skater skates around the rink. CROSSOVERS: Place the D-Ring, located on the Speedster Waist Belt, over the hips and attach the Holding Strap to the belt. Have a partner hold the other end of the leash. With resistance, lean away from your partner, getting on your skate edge. Continue to do this across the ice, changing sides for the return trip. The resistance training, in combination with the overspeed training, develops a player that can skate with a tremendous amount of power and speed. These drills can also be used with inline skates, however, a great amount of caution should be demonstrated.
Speed, Agility and resistance training gear for hockey goallie. Resistance training to assist in defending the goal. Improves responsive time, agility and reflexes Hockey goalie training system for agility and response time training.  hockey training gear for goal protection. Hockey Goal Trainer
Speedster Goalie Trainer from $75.00
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick The Speedster Goalie Trainer develops a goalie's quickness to protect the goal from either side by using resistance bungees cords that attach to the included Change of Direction Waist Belt and to the goalposts. The versatility of the Goalie Trainer allows the goalie to attach one bungee or two for balanced workouts. There are a variety of drills that can be done while using the Goalie Trainer during scrimmage sessions.   Develops: Quick Side to Side Movement Forward and Backward Quickness   Includes: 2 - Speedster Resistance Bungee’s 1 - Adjustable Padded Waist Belt 2 - Goal Post Anchor Straps 1 - Carry Bag
Hockey slap shop trainer. This resistance band increases speed and velocity of a hockey players slap and stick swing. Also used for accuracy for better aim and contact with puck. Used on ice for best result to increase swing while on skates but can be used off the ice as well. Hockey stick speed form and accuracy training system  for youth high school and college resistance training for hockey Speedster Slap Shot-vendor-unknown-Speedster Athletics
Speedster Slap Shot from $45.95
 Athletic Trainers Top Pick The Speedster Slap Shot improves both a player’s slap shot force as well as the stick speed. The Speedster Slap Shot Stick Anchor easily attaches around a players hockey stick while the Base Anchor is secured around a stationary object such as a hockey goal post or a fence post during off-ice training.   The Speedster Slap Shot develops Slap Shot Speed and Power by increasing the strength of the players shoulders, wrist and body core.   Includes: 1 - Speedster Slap Shot Bungee 1 - Stick Anchor with D-Ring 1 - Base Anchor with D-Ring 1 - Carry Bag   First Phase Resistive Training: The player should be in a good stance facing away from the Slap Shot Bungee anchor point. The player then with the Bungee slightly stretched should perform multiple slap shot movements stretching the Bungee. It is important that the resistance not be so great that a full range of motion cannot be reached. If the resistance is too great the player needs to take one step closer towards the Base Anchor point or go to a lighter resistance bungee.   Second Phase Overspeed Training: The player should be in a good base stance facing the Slap Shot Bungee Base Anchor. The stick should be moved aft the player to a point where the slap shot would normally start. Once the Slap Shot Bungee is stretched the player should start the slap shot motion. The player will feel to shear speed of the stick and should finish with a complete follow through motion. If the player desires greater resistance he may take a step further away from the anchor point to increase the tension.   SLAP-1000 – Youth Speedster Slap Shot - $45.95 SLAP-2000 – High School Speedster Slap Shot – $48.95 SLAP-3000 – Collegiate Speedster Slap Shot - $50.95

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