X-Over Rehab Pack

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      The X-OVER REHAB PACK allows the Practitioner to provide multiple resistance levels to accommodate several levels of rehab. A combination of X-OVER Bands can be used for muscle strengthening or rehabilitation.


      The X-OVER Systems are able to be used as stand-alone workout systems either at home on the field or in the weight room. The X-OVER Bands can be used with several popular programs. Made with hard plastic handles.


      Our Systems include a variety of X-OVER Bands that offer different resistances, 3lbs, 7lbs, 12lbs, 18lbs, 25lbs, 40lbs and 60lbs. The level of resistance depends on the each individual’s level of strength. Each System has pre-selected resistance levels which would commonly be used by the strength level of the individual.

      The REHAB Pack:

      • 1 Pair of 3 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 1 Pair of 7 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 1 Pair of 12lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 1 Pair of 18 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 1 Pair of 25 lb X-OVER BANDS
      • 2 Power Rack Anchors
      • 2 Band Holding Ring and Clip
      • 1 Ultimate Door Anchor

      The Ultimate Door Anchor fits doors between 30" – 36".

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